Sports & Institutional

The TMI group has a range of Hunter Irrigation products ideal for the irrigation of sports surfaces. We are not only experts in the installation of these industry-leading irrigation technologies but our team of experts ensure the optimal set-up for the watering needs of your starting surface.

We bring our 21+ years of experience in the field of irrigation and advise you from the planning stage on establishing an optimal irrigation set-up, one which is not only affordable to set up but one that will make maintaining your sport field a breeze.

We are also available for maintenance, repairs and auditing of your sport field’s irrigation system and with our AstroTurf installation services, we ensure that these 2 essential components of your sport field are in synch.

Because irrigation is essential to healthy turf, not only helping it grow but allowing it to recover from the strain of repeated use, we leverage technologies to help you automate your irrigation system management, ensuring that your turf consistently has the right amount of moisture without the need for constant input from you.