Below 0 degrees temperatures present a great threat to the growth of your crops and your yields, that’s why TMI Irrigation Solutions applies Senninger Irrigation Wobbler technology to help protect your crops from frost. With increasing instances of extreme cold weather and cold fronts, this technology can help you protect your investment.

Wobbler technology can be used to protect plants, fruits and ornamentals from cold weather that can damage plant tissue and sells negatively affecting your yields. Wobbler technology is applied via your overhead sprinkler system, which runs more economically and results in less pollution than heating systems.

Sprinkler based frost protection is more economical with lower operational costs than heaters and other electrical equipment and Senninger sprinklers use less water than traditional sprinklers making them even more economical. Or irrigation can help protect against Black Frost, also known as Advection Frost or Windy Frost brought on by cold air masses (cold fronts moving into your area).

Senninger Irrigation Frost Protection