Residential Irrigation

The TMI group installs, repairs and maintains home sprinkler and drip irrigation applicators to keep your gardens, loans and all your landscape well-watered. Because of the high costs of energy and the need to be conservative with our water consumption, Turfmanzi Irrigation applies its expertise to install the most efficient irrigation for every application.

Our irrigation technicians bring you 21+ years of TMI irrigation solutions, an experience that we use to help you throughout the lifecycle of your irrigation system for results you can rely on. We partner with Hunter Industries for quality irrigation supplies for guaranteed results we put comprehensive warranties on.

We have a range of technologies including soil probes, rain sensors, WiFi irrigation boxes that enable you to make sure you use only the amount of water necessary to keep your plants well-watered without a lot of manual input from you, not only saving you time, water and energy but also ensuring the optimal health of your plants and the ecosystem. Summer or winter, rain or shine, we will have your gardens looking their best.

We help our clients take their water savings further with our rainwater harvesting solutions. Whatever your irrigation needs are for your home, Turfmanzi Irrigation has the answers.