Commercial Irrigation

For over 21 years the TMI group has been a leader in bringing commercial irrigation projects to life for private and public sector clients.

Our commitment to sustainability and quality is strong, with the emphasis of our projects being water responsibility and energy efficiency to get your project the most for every rand while helping you do your part for environmental responsibility.

Our technicians bring you turnkey solutions, helping you with your commercial irrigation projects from planning to design and development, to installation, project management and finally periodic audits.

We also have a great after-sales support program that helps ensure that your irrigation keeps working optimally, with repairs and maintenance as well as training to ensure your system is run optimally internally.

Turfmanzi irrigation solutions leverage the latest technologies to help you manage your irrigation with limited input on your part. Technologies such as WiFi controlled rain sensors, soil probes and sprinkler controllers will allow you to make sure your plants are getting enough moisture, not more not less without the need for constant input from you.

We have an additional range of products for your landscape such as lighting, pumps and, aerators that we combine with your irrigation to bring you the best landscapes for your commercial properties.