Agricultural Irrigation

The TMI group has a range of irrigation solutions for farmers of winter and summer crops on any scale. We specialise in irrigation project design and management, irrigation system installation, repairs and maintenance, irrigation audits and, specialized water management services as well as technical support.

Our state of the art irrigation and water management solutions take into account climate, weather and soil conditions to give you precisely controlled watering, saving you time, water, energy and fertilizer costs with limited effort from you thanks to our remote monitoring systems.

Our systems allow you to control and monitor your irrigation from the water source to the irrigation valve for optimal plant health. Our irrigation systems are built with the type of farming you want to undertake, ensuring the most efficient irrigation set-up to maximize your crop yields while maintaining the health of your ecosystem.

With global resources such as water and fertile land increasingly on the decline, the more inputs for more outputs to agriculture is no longer sustainable. This is why our irrigation technicians apply our twenty-one plus years of experience to bring you precision irrigation, working with you to make sure your irrigation resources are best employed to give you the best yield with the least resources.

Turfmanzi irrigation is not only committed to giving you agricultural irrigation solutions but bringing you sustainable agriculture bigger better yields not only mean profitability for your farm but global prosperity.